Overlanding in Belize OEXw 2021

Presented at Overland EXPO West, 2021 in Flagstaff, AZ

From the dense jungles to the Caribbean coast and onto the Cayes, Belize has something for everyone.  Culture and history abound in the Mayan Highlands, home to some of the most important archaeological sites in the region. Not to be forgotten is the  Garifuna culture of the southern coastal regions. If adventure travel is more your thing, Belize has you covered. Protected by the second largest barrier reef in the world, the cayes and coast are a paradise for SCUBA and snorkeling.  While you may have tubed down a river, have you ever tubed in a cave?  You can in Belize. Mark will show you why he feels Belize is the ideal location for overlanders and ecotourists
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